Rock On 2 Wednesday 6th Day Week 1 Box Office Collection

Here is the first day box office collection of newly release movie Rock On 2. The film is getting lot of problem to encourage audience to get into theatres. Not only Rock On 2, but all other makers are facing same issue. Audience don’t have minimum cash to eat and drink, so we cannot expect audience to go and watch movie.


Movie could not star with positive note, but producers expect growth in coming days. With the inflow of money circulation audience cannot go and watch the movie. On day one Friday movie has collected ₹ 2.02 cr and on its second day movie collected ₹ 2.40 cr. Till now movie has collected total of ₹

It seem like movie could bear huge losses on the box office. Story of the film is also getting mixed reviews which is another problem which movie is facing.

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