Returns 3% to Netflix: A new hope for the remaining 97%


The wait is over. On the streaming platform, the third season of 3%, the successful Brazilian post-apocalyptic series, is already making a name for itself.

Although last year we wrote an article about how entertaining and unknown this Brazilian series was, today the reality is totally different. Already consecrated in the Netflix catalog, many fans looked forward to the third season of 3%.

The narrative proposal of the third installment is amazing and a little distant from its predecessors. In the first two seasons we met the dystopian world where the plot takes place. Only two universes were possible: the High Sea and the Continent.

In the first, which is a simile to paradise, only 3% of the population resides, which undergoes a strict selection process. On the other hand, the remaining 97% live in the Continent fighting for survival in a place where misery and despair reign. Although many there believe in rebellion.


In this new cycle, a third option brings hope to that 97% of the population that does not qualify to have the privileges enjoyed by the inhabitants of the High Sea.

This new location is perfect to build a new future. And leaving aside the animosity that both communities have, in the universe of the “Concha” everyone is welcome.

Led by Fernando (Michel Gomes) and Michele (Bianca Comparato), this new sustainable paradise will be able to run the same fate as the Continent if it is not well managed. The lack of capacity of the place will make Michele make difficult decisions, such as the creation of a new selection process. Is history repeating itself?

A curiosity of this place called “Concha” is that it shares a location with the successful and well-remembered Brazilian television series El Clon: Las Dunas do Rosado, a tourist attraction of incomparable beauty in the north of Brazil. So it is that very majestic scenes brings the new delivery of 3%.

With eight new chapters, 3% promises to be the new weekend marathon.

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