What is ‘Another Life’, the new Netflix space series

another life
another life

A mysterious artifact of alien origin suddenly appears on Earth. To investigate it, and find out as much as possible of the race that has sent it to the planet, a spaceship commanded by Niko Breckinridge is sent that, during its mission, will encounter several problems that threaten to cause it to fail…another life.

That is the synopsis of Another Life, a Netflix space series that opens this Thursday, July 25, and that aspires to combine science fiction, adventures and terror in ten episodes that will alternate plots in space and on Earth.

The role of Katee Sackhoff is the highlight of the project; It is his first series set in space since Battlestar Galactica finished. Next to her we also find Selma Blair, Justin Chatwin and Tyler Hoechlin.

What’s going on ‘Another life’
Earth has its first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization when an artifact of unknown origin appears on the planet. Everything about him is unknown, but he does find out where he comes from, so a mission is sent there to get answers. The mission is commanded by Ian Yerxa (Tyler Hoechlin), but loses that position in favor of Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff).
On Earth, Niko’s husband (Justin Chatwin) investigates the artifact’s properties and, meanwhile, the crew of The Salvare ship begins to experience supernatural abilities and encounter aliens trying to kill them, and everything can have consequences Very important for the destiny of Humanity….

another life

Another life is created by Aaron Marton, screenwriter of projects as diverse as Killjoys, Being Erica, Slasher or Degrassi: The new generation, and by the trailer it seems that we will find a mix between Nightflyers, the Stargate saga, Dark Matter and those movies of the subgenre of “space mission in trouble”.

The Netflix space science fiction catalog
Space operas and, in general, fictions set in space are not yet among the priorities of the streaming platform when it comes to expanding its catalog.

The only Netflix original, so far, is the reboot of Lost in Space, whose second season does not yet have a release date, but has acquired other third-party titles in which, on occasion, it has the rights to exclusive international distribution.

This is the case of Star Trek: Discovery, which came to Netflix to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original series and brought with it the rest of the franchise series up to that moment, and also of Nightflyers, a SYFY production that mixed terror with science fiction Depending on the country, on the platform you can see titles such as Ascension or the lively Final Space, which address the genre from other points of view.

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