Beats: The exciting story of a young hiphopero aspiring in Chicago

A cult to the musical scene of the South side of Chicago is Beats, bet of Netflix for the fans of the urban dramas. To know the story of the protagonist, August Monroe, is to know the essence of many hip hop lyrics.

Recognized by its great exponents in this musical genre, Chicago is the perfect setting for this drama called Beats. Set in the South Side of this American city, we will know the story of August Monroe (Khalil Everage), who sees his life truncated by a traumatic event from his past.


Witnessing the death of his sister – shot dead in front of him – marked this young hip hop promise. Now, you must deal with the uncontrollable anxiety that this caused you.

On this path of struggle to cope with this disease, the boy finds a former bankrupt musical agent – played by Anthony Anderson of Black-ish himself – who, now a security guard in high school, will discover great talent in The young beatmaker.

Together they will overcome their traumas and give themselves a second chance in the world of music.

The highlight of this film directed by Chris Robinson is his soundtrack. With niche artists and surprising tracks, the film is loaded with unknown gems of hip hop. You will surely add them to your Spotify playlist.

Resilient artists

More than an ode to this musical genre, Beats is an acknowledgment of the resilience of those artists who were born in the suburbs of Chicago, where guns and the murder of innocent people are inspirational material.

Although they face death on a daily basis, in music they find refuge from the criminality that pursues them.

With an excellent bill in his photography and fast transitions, the script and the image of this film converse with each other perfectly. The look and feel achieved by the director overflows emotion in each scene.


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