«Black Mirror»: more present than future

black mirror
black mirror

Netflix shares three new episodes, corresponding to the fifth season, of the fiction created by Charlie Brooker.

«Black Mirror» returns to Netflix. He does it with three chapters that (once again) seek to provoke a debate in itself, but they have one catch: they form the new season of one of the most acclaimed fictions.

Maybe that’s why this new installment has been a victim of social networks, where it seems that your intellectual level should be proportional to your ability to criticize (see what they have done with the final season of «Game of Thrones»).

Maybe for the same reason, I have not seemed so bad. The fifth installment of “Black Mirror” fulfills the premise of making us think about how we use technology and how we can use it.

black mirror

  However, this time it seems closer than other seasons. Is “Black Mirror” going back in time and joining with the present?

«Striking Vipers» (6.5 / 10) shows us again a technology that we had already seen in «Black Mirror», we can even see the logo of the company SaitoGemu, of «Playtesting» (3×02).

The first chapter of this fifth season plays with the nostalgia of the spectator. Who has not played “Street Fighter”, “Dead or Alive” or “Tekken”? But Charlie Brooker is committed to dramatizing the exploration of sexuality and love in video games with the added attraction of virtual reality.

What seems to have been forgotten is the couples born from the chat platforms annexed to the “World of Warcraft” or “League of Legends.”

«Pieces» (6/10) presents a VTC driver willing to do anything to get the attention of the creator and director of the most active social network in that world, his Mark Zuckerberg.

  It is a powerful reflection on how inept we can become when it comes to managing our time in front of screens or how vulnerable we are to the stimuli that such applications. But Charlie Brooker adds one more aggravating factor.

  It shows us how a human error is magnified by the use of a specific type of technology. But whose fault is it? The biggest problem that this chapter has to deal with is the absence of intimacy that should have a story as personal and obscure as this one.

Yes, you can empathize with the driver, but not enough to worry about if something happens to him, to the director of the company or to the hostage he has kidnapped.

«Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too» (6/10) returns us to the commotion that generated the breakup of Miley Cyrus with Hannah Montana. There were many followers of the superstar of Disney (and the parents of these) who took the lead to see that the girl behind the adorable singer who starred in his favorite series was a human being who thought for himself.

Miley said that this chapter has nothing to do with it, but I doubt (hopefully I’m wrong) that has not run into any manager or similar who wanted to squeeze his success more than necessary.

The premise of “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” does not seem as original as usual, although I must admit that I liked the idea that the personality is transferable to a miniature version of yourself. If you want to know more about this “transhumanism”, you have to take a look at «Years and years».

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