The Blues as we know it today, was born with the emancipation of the black slaves in the United States at a date that we can place between the years 1870 and 1900, and in a place between the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama. blues.

First Blues documents
The first graphical recordings that we have of this sound are somewhat later, specifically, the first score with Blues music of which we have reference, dates from 1912 and is Dallas blues by Hart Wand and the first recording was made in 1920 and is Crazy Blues by Mamie Smith.


While the true roots of this sound go back even further back in history, specifically to the year 1619, with the demise of the first black slaves in Jamestown (Virginia).

The African roots of blues.
The history of the blues begins with the arrival of the first black men brought mainly from the west coast of Africa, as slave labor for the cultivation of the extensive agricultural operations existing in the southern part of the United States.

These enslaved people, along with fear, rage and despair, carried a folklore and a culture that was transformed into songs, expression of all these feelings mixed with the uprooting they experienced.

These songs were based on the pattern of the call and response, widely used in religious rituals or public gatherings of their continent of origin. In their new destination, slaves used music during long hours of work; so one person sang a verse and the rest of the workers repeated it to form a chorus.

With the passage of time, their songs are acquiring the musical in fl uences imported by the European colonizers, beginning to put aside the African dialects and beginning to use more and more the language of the colonizer, the English.

The end of slavery and the birth of the blues The end of the Civil War in 1865 also marked the end of slavery and the gradual incorporation of former slaves into the life of the white man, in fl uenced by the music in the possibility of using the instruments that the latter had imported from the European continent.

In this way, the voice will no longer be the only tool used to make his music, but the figure of the singer of Blues will begin to take shape accompanied by his guitar, thus the Bluesman fi gure is born.
From that moment the Blues developed in such a way that each and every one of the later genres owes its influence, from Rock to Hip Hop, through Heavy Metal or Pop.

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