13 reasons why you have to watch ‘Bodyguard’, the British series that will sweep Netflix


In the UK they are well entertained. The Minister of the Interior raises the war discourse to fight against terrorism and provides her with a new security chief, traumatized by her passage through Afghanistan, who does not exactly admire his proposals. bodyguard..

The tension more than evident between the two is complicated by a series of attacks in the United Kingdom that seem to have in mind to destabilize the country and end the controversial minister.

Welcome to Bodyguard, the phenomenon that Netflix has just released in Spain and of which we have plenty of reasons to recommend it. You have to see her because …

1) It is created by Jed Mercury, a sure value of British television since it marveled in 2012 with the police series Line of duty, considered one of the best series in the history of the BBC.

2) It has the most tense start of recent television. There is nothing like getting on the train with your children and discovering that there could be a terrorist with a bomb, ready to blow up everything you are and want.

3) You must know the latest phenomenon in the United Kingdom. It is not the typical case of “go, look at this series that has worked a little bit well and the critics wrote two articles saying that it is cool”.

No. With Bodyguard we are talking about the biggest fiction phenomenon in the country of Isabel II since Downton Abbey landed in 2010. At the moment, more than 17 million British viewers have already seen the end of the season.

4) Richard Madden is superb. In Game of Thrones never finished highlighting perhaps for his inexperience but now this Scottish 32 years old controls the screen. Netflix Netflix already made it quite clear to us that it had enough charm and charisma to raise a very, very mediocre text.


Here, as a sergeant with post-traumatic stress and personal problems, he directly fascinates, even having a character with very few words (and very intense looks).

5) It tells us about the voracity of politics. In these times in which morality has jumped overboard in the political sphere, where rightist speeches are the best way to be noticed and where the existence of state sewers is becoming increasingly evident, Bodyguard knows how to dress up the thriller with the policy doses.

6) Has a relentless female character. Julia Montague of Keeley Hawes baffles. We are so accustomed to the woman in distress that her savior needs, that she is surprised to find a woman who does not hesitate in the face of threats, with a somewhat irresponsible warmongering rhetoric that does not disguise her desire for power.

7) There is chemistry on screen. Any scene with Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes has an unquestionable spark. We do not necessarily talk about sexual tension but about the dynamics of power between the two, the inability to understand what they think of each other, especially because we are facing two very hermetic characters. The one that waits The Bodyguard of Whitney Houston British version, that is looked for another series.

8) Directors understand gender. Thomas Vincent and John Strickland, the directors of the series, understand the visual invoice that the series set in London should have: cold, urban, impersonal, but focusing on the looks of Richard Madden. Your pulse allows scenes that should leave you exhausted are bearable and do not falter at any time, that episodes of 60 minutes are sometimes not easy to carry.

9) You will distrust even your shadow. In. Is. Series. You can not. Fiarte From no one.

10) It is full of surprises. Every time you ask yourself if Bodyguard follows a predictable structure, Jed Mercury flies the board through the air, allowing tension to work at all times because it trains you to wait for anything.

11) It has an outcome that cuts off breathing. If Bodyguard starts raising the tension to unsuspected limits, it ends with a tachycardia festival. If you stopped breathing with the end of Dr. Foster, who was ecstatic, prepare a lime to see this.

12) The good, if brief, twice good. The BBC is specialized in understanding this expression with seasons that are usually quite short. In this case, it only has six episodes of one hour each. Seeing her in one sitting (or two) is a perfect plan for the weekend.

13) It has one of the most tense final episodes we can remember. Well, if you are a regular spectator of the BBC series, you may have forgotten to breathe with the end of Dr. Foster. Well this keeps you in suspense in a similar way, leaving you ecstatic when the final credits come out.

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