Captain Marvel broke the golden rule of the Marvel Studios movies

One of the most awaited films by Marvel fans

All the films of Marvel Studios origins have one point in common, except Captain Marvel.
We have reviewed the 21 films that have done so far in Marvel Studios and we can account that all superheroes who have their history of origin have a very similar villain that is at its height, except Captain Marvel. He has missed the Final Boss.

The Cinematic Universe of Marvel Studios started with Iron Man in 2008, could see how they presented Tony Stark and how he made his armor. But Obadiah Stane creates his own armor and they have a fairly close final matchup.

capitain marvel

In The Incredible Hulk, the green giant faced the Abomination, its forces were on par and destroyed half the city in battle. Perhaps Thor is also not that he had a rival to match, but first faced the Destroyer being crushed until he regained the powers and then had his fight with Loki.
In the melee he had nothing to do, yet his wit matched things.

Captain America faced Red Skull before falling to the ice. Both had more or less similar strengths. Even the Guardians of the Galaxy had to face Ronan with one of the Gems of Infinity. What made him one of the most powerful beings in the Universe of Marvel Studios.

Ant-Man discovered the potential of his suit while Darren Cross got the Yellowjacket suit (Yellow Jacket), the battle between the two at the end of the film was on a very small scale, but it was still very intense.

Doctor Strange was perhaps the most difficult, since he faced Kaecilius, whose forces were more or less equal, and then Dormammu. An interdimensional being that could only be stopped thanks to the power of the Gem of Time.

Until now the heroes had had a reference villain with a similar strength.
For the film of Spider-Man: Homecoming, they used one of the classic villains of the comic. The vulture had a suit with which was at the height of Peter Parker.

So the fight on the plane was spectacular. Black Panther had to face his cousin Erik Killmonger, both obtained the power of heart-shaped herbs. So the whole confrontation was very close.

We arrived at Capitana Marvel, she discovered her potential little by little, but at no time was there anyone who was close to matching her strength.
The film has no final boss, since the fight against the character of Jude Law called Yon-Rogg, is too uneven. So it breaks one of the golden rules of Marvel Studios, but also of many of the superhero movies.

Superman faced General Zod, Wonder Woman to Ares, Aquaman to his brother Orm, Logan to a younger version of himself or even Deadpool had a fairly even match at the end of the film against Ajax.

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