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A dead king, king put. “Game of Thrones” is over and few speak of the end of the series based on the books of George R.R. Martin, who has already found a replacement on HBO. The American platform lives, without doubt, one of its sweetest moments after getting “Chernobyl”, his new fiction header, has become a few days after its premiere in the most valued series in history, ahead of even other as «Breaking Bad»..chernobyl tv serie.

«chernobyl tv serie», of which so far only three chapters have been issued, already accumulates a score of 9.7 in the well-known internet portal Movie Database, in which users value series and television programs. The HBO miniseries, created by Craig Mazin, directed by Johan Renck and starring Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard and Emely Watson, is a co-production between the American channel and the British Sky that dramatizes the nuclear catastrophe that occurred in Ukraine in 1986 revealing how and why it happened through the history of the heroes who fought and fell in the accident.

chernobyl tv serie

With a total duration of five episodes, “chernobyl tv serie” managed to convince the critics since its first broadcast, on May 6. The experts, in fact, have already pointed to the series as one of the best of 2019:

“Heartbreaking and intense, but also necessary.” Allison Keene in «Collider»

“Students of human nature will appreciate the fine-grained pessimism of the HBO miniseries Chernobyl. But it is a lot to take, not only because of its ruthless explanation of the nuclear disaster in the former USSR and the inept official response, but because it is impossible to observe without thinking about other catastrophes that develop around us ». Matt Zoller, in «Vulture»

This series focuses on the men and women who sacrificed their lives to save the rest of Europe from even greater consequences than those suffered. In addition, it revolves around the figure of Boris Shcherbina, Vice President of the Council of Ministers and head of the Office of Fuels and Energy of the USSR, who is assigned the task of leading the commission of the Chernobyl government during the first hours of the accident , before knowing all the data and the serious consequences caused.

Soon, Shcherbina is stuck in a political and bureaucratic system that leaves much to be desired in the face of human losses.

Chernobyl is assuming a revolution. The HBO mini series has not only revived a very delicate issue that changed part of our history – and that many, by age, did not know in all its magnitude. He has also managed to transport us literally to the former Soviet Union, making us partakers of the gray and hermetic scenario in which the disaster of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin nuclear power plant in Pripyat was lived.

Such is the quality and impact of the TV series that the reactions were not long in coming. Since the release of the first episode (it has a total of 5, two of them not yet released), many expert voices have already been raised, pointing to this production as one of the best surprises of 2019 and praising the excellent work of its director, Johan Renck.

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