‘Dilemma’ of Netflix is so bad and crazy that you can not stop, according to the critic


The official Netflix synopsis of Dilema (What If) says it is a neo-noir social thriller that explores the domino effect that occurs when decent people start doing indecent things, focused on the lucrative and questionable offer that a mysterious woman (Renée Zellweger) proposes a newly married couple who are short of money. dilemma.

The premise inevitably reminds us of the film 1993, An indecent proposition, and what can be a modern review of that story Mike Kelley signature, creator of Swingtown best known for Revenge, that crazy soap opera revenge to the Count Montecristo in the Hamptons, who was for four seasons on ABC.


What is the goal of the character of Zellweger in making that offer, why that couple and why, maybe it resolves to see the episodes, but that’s how Kelly explained where the idea of Dilema came from: “We are living in a time when Morality has become turbid and subjective. It’s not clear where the limits are when it comes to getting what you want. “

That source of inspiration may be what adds, in theory, the social component genre thriller neo-noir with which Netflix defines its new series, but none of this speak the first reviews that have been published in Anglo-Saxon media, which have had access to the first five episodes of dilemma.

As we this time we have not been able to see the material in advance, we have compiled the best extracts from the critics of Dilema, in which their authors recognize that the series is bad, but they are surprised because they can not stop seeing it.

“The series does not jump the shark, it starts with the shark in the rearview mirror and never looks back”

In the critique of Entertainment Weekly, Kristen Waldwin recognizes that Dilema is a disaster, but that it honors the soap operas with their excesses, “their lack of logic and dialogues in which the subtext becomes expository conversations”. On Zellweger’s interpretation, he claims that it reminds him of Madeleine Stowe in Revenge because he dominates the screen with royalty and condescension.

“Maybe it’s so bad because it’s a postmodernity exercise that deconstructs the drama of the networks”

Sophie Gilbert comes to this conclusion in her criticism of The Atlantic, although she acknowledges that she may be giving too much credit to her creator. “Without Zellweger, Dilemma could have been a mere aberration: anachronistic, clumsy and immediately forgotten. With it, it’s a much more interesting beast, a show that allows an Oscar-winning actor to expose the shortcomings of the story and raise it as a curiosity at the same time. “

“It’s a sexy thriller, although it’s as sexy as constipation with slow intestinal transit”
But still, Stuart Heritage says in The Guardian that he can not stop seeing her, even though he hates her. “The characters, dialogues, costumes and music are firmly anchored in the 90s, like a low-budget erotic thriller.”

Despite these words, the author conjectures that his cheap narrative may be intentional, “It’s complicated to explain. It’s not the best series you’ll see. It is not the worst either. It may be the best bad series. “

“The premise was stolen from a bad movie of the 90s”
Making the inevitable reference to an indecent proposition, Matt Rush signs on TV Insider a review in which he wishes the reader luck trying to resist what may be his favorite absurd series, and states that Netflix redefines with Dilema the concept of guilty pleasure: “It transcends television as junk food and turns it into trans fat television.”

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