Netflix is increasingly becoming a great option to access Asian news of medium-low profile, which otherwise would never come to us legally.

  There are many options that the platform already has in its catalog of countries such as South Korea, Japan or India. This time the novelty comes from Vietnam with Furie, recently released on Netflix, three months after the launch in his native country.

Furie (Hai Phuong in Vietnam) tells the story of Hai, a single mother who fled from her past to live with her daughter in a rural area of Vietnam.


Years later, her daughter is kidnapped by traffickers and she will have to return to Saigon to finish off the kidnappers before it is too late.

With his synopsis we can already guess that he will not stand out for his script precisely, the point of departure and development of the story, written and directed by Le Van Kiet, can not be more cliché within the genre. Kidnapping of a son and a subsequent story of revenge against his captors, and no, Liam Neesom does not come out this time.

But it is not what is usually sought in this type of film, nor does it pretend to, here other things stand out, and if they stand out enough, they can overshadow any deficient script.

But a spear yes we must break in favor of the script for the construction of the character of Hai Phuong, played brilliantly by Veronica Ngo. Although it is true that the greatest merit is the charisma that the actress gives off, she is given enough depth so that she is not an empty character from whom we pass totally beyond seeing her distribute sticks.

He gets fondness during the film and added to his strong presence makes us fall before her as well as the matanos he tombs with hosts.

It is not surprising that in the next few years it is a more frequent name in more important action productions (like the director of the film), in fact if its name is unknown to us, it has already appeared in productions that we all sonaran: Star Wars: The last Jedi (playing Paige Tico) or Bright (in the role of Tien).

And since we’ve started talking about the good of Veronica Ngo, let’s go to the icing on the tape, her action scenes. Because Ngo not only overflows charisma, that of waxing polish wax also learned very well, proving to be very skilled in choreography (by Samuel Kefi Abrikh, recurring specialist in many Hollywood productions), which accompanied by the exquisite assembly and direction they leave us some action scenes of the cleanest and most impressive. Especially that final battle with a female Terminator of the most spectacular.


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