Game of thrones and their errors in their final season

For many fans, the last season of the HBO series did not live up to expectations.

After the end of «Game of Thrones», the critics arrived. The eighth season of the flagship of the platform had not been well received since its first chapter: the rush of Benioff and Weiss to conclude the series caused that the plots were completed in an accelerated way and obviating important details that the followers did not want to go through high. <<game of thrones>>.

game of thrones

It had been a long time, however, that the quiet tone of “Game of Thrones” had been left behind. The absence of George R.R. Martin in the last seasons of the history and the creative licenses of the writers had conformed, long ago, a «Game of Thrones» very different from the one that captivated the audience after their first broadcasts on HBO.

For many, the ruler of the Six Kingdoms (Bran the Cripple) is not the right one, nor is the commented final turn of the character of Daenerys Targaryen. Are those who claim that “game of thrones” has lowered the level exaggerated?..Javi Marcos, communicator and one of the great experts of our country in the history of George R.R. Martin, considers that the critics at the end of the fiction have been “disproportionate”.

The end, he says, was correct. Do not forget, says one of the members of the reference podcast in this series, “The Ice and Fire Podcast”, that Benioff and Weiss faced the daunting challenge of closing one of the series that most fans had gathered in recent years . “Without a doubt, the ending would have been better with a better script and if Benioff and Weiss did not have their minds on their next project, the Star Wars films.” However, he clarifies, «Game of Thrones is an incredible series on a technical level and has had impressive chapters.

<<Criticism is unfair and has prevented fans from enjoying the series>>

The connoisseurs of «Song of Ice and Fire» will have accused, in the last seasons of «Game of Thrones», a loss of quality in the scripts, that for a long time do not have the supervision of the American author. Martin, who could not accelerate the publication of his novels to meet the needs of HBO, allowed “Game of Thrones” to follow a new path outside the books and series, in fact, has suffered the consequences. <<game of thrones>>.

Despite the criticism received, the expert in “GoT” believes that the last season of Benioff and Weiss has been up to the task. «The 8×02 chapter, for example, is a masterpiece at the script level, a song of love for the characters … The 8×05, on the other hand, is one of the most perfect at a technical level. The team spent six months building a set of filming, the landing of the King, to destroy it in a single episode.

  We are not aware of what it takes to create a series of these characteristics, “says Marcos. Asked about the dark 8×03, the expert believes that, on a narrative level, the episode breaks with one of the most important themes of the series since its inception, the white walkers. “To many of us it hurt that more importance was given to fighting for a throne than to the struggle for humanity.”

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