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good girl
good girl

The time of laughter has arrived. There are more and more series available, but now it is more difficult to make the right choice. I do not know if it is your case, but it has happened to me, that for many months now, no series is being able to surprise me. good girl.

Although we think that we are in a period of low seriéfila quality, today we bring you a series that without being the serión of the year, the truth is that it fulfills the profile sought to have a moment of laughter. «Good Girls» is the comic series highly recommended in any season of the year.

Good Girls, women in arms take
Three women take arms are involved in armed robberies and gang trafficking. All are mothers, one married, one single and another that we predict will be a future divorcee. Together they decide to move to a new life full of risks. Mothers who return to give everything, this time, to face the family debts that each one suffers.

Second season (T2) of Good Girls
NBC, the series’s original television network, has confirmed its second season in 2019. We still do not have a specific date on Netflix, we will follow the official communications of the network. However, if you have a release date in your original channel and we tell you in this link.

A cast of women with character that makes the triumph of the series and its continuation for a following season.

In this second season, our girls are back in charge. Rio, Beth and Ruby take their lives back from where we left them. The theft they committed together has marked their lives in such ways that they must now continue to face the consequences of this act. good girl.

We already know that what characterizes this group of women are their unexpected games. We can not reveal yet any detail that prevails in this new season, just be very attentive to its release, because the continuation of the series, promises.

Curiosities of Good Girls
The series exudes category to include in the cast the great Christina Hendricks, actress recognized in series such as Mad Men or Tin Star. Hendricks, plays Beth, a mother and wife of failed marriage. The infidelity of her husband towards her, and the economic problems that he hid, makes the protagonist’s band fall. The evolution of the characters is stellar.

The role played by Mae Whitman is a key piece of success. The actress who achieved fame with the film The Advantages of Being an Outcast, now enjoys playing a crazy single mother less responsible than her own daughter of 11 years.

On the other hand, the last actress that we need to mention, Retta, is the gold pin of this trio. We have seen this actress especially in movies, of which we can highlight: Madness father, The worst years of my life and Until the bones.

good girl

The origin of the series is American. It was released at the beginning of this year on the original NBC network. We recommend this series because of the freshness of its protagonists, because the fun among its characters manages to disguise a whole criminal history. If you ran out of series for the summer or want to laugh, “Good Girls” is a very good option. good girl.

When will the third season of «Good Girls» arrive?
It is still unknown. As we announced in the recent post we have published, and you can find in this link, the date of the third season is uncertain. We suppose that the production waits for the reaction of the public and the expert critic before the second season to continue the series.

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