game of thrones
game of thrones

‘game of thrones’ is over, but we have no doubt that his legacy will last a long time. Although this last season has not been to the liking of many fans, no one can deny the weight that the series of HBO has acquired in the seriéfilo panorama, which joyfully celebrates its end because now we can finally talk about other things.
At least until the three ‘spin offs’ that are already underway are released. For now, the team has given its last goodbye with the documentary ‘Game of Thrones: The Last Guard’, released last night on the platform, which follows the production of the eighth season and all those who made it possible.

And is that, if you come to this movie looking for great moments behind the cameras of your favorite actors and actresses, no doubt you will be disappointed. No, this is not a funny ‘behind the scenes’ about how the cast lived the nerves and excitement of the last shootings – for that are the ‘featurettes’ that have accompanied each episode -, but a tribute to hundreds of people that have made ‘Game of Thrones’ what it is today.

And that, in the end, has come to fruition after facing the leaks of the outcome or the biggest snowfall that Ireland has seen in 35 years. All this magnifies the legend not only of the series, but especially of its production team, its extras, its hairdressers, its make-up artists and a long etcetera.

But let’s go to the heart of the matter. Here we tell you the best moments that the documentary directed by Jeanie Finland has given us.

1..The reactions to the script were great
In one of the most exciting moments of the documentary, we witnessed some reactions to the first reading of the script of the eighth season. The actors and actresses had already received their copies three days before, and many already knew what was in store for their respective characters. But there were also some who preferred to reserve the surprise to share their emotions with the whole team. Yes, we’re talking about Kit Harington, whose reaction to the scene in which Jon Snow kills Daenerys Targaryen is priceless. game of thrones.

game of thrones

2..What the Battle of Winterfell cost
This was an odyssey for the entire ‘Game of Thrones’ team. Neither the Battle of the Blackwater, nor that of the Bastards, nor that of the Austere House, reach the sole of the shoes at the level of suffering, work and sleepless nights in this great war, which we saw-more or less-in the third chapter of the last season.

Beyond the drama, the film shows us the little things: the artificial snow being placed on the battlefield, the extras made up like zombies eating salad, the trainings for the most direct fights, the actors hallucinating with the Dothraki weapon to which it is set on fire or the purest of joys when they ended the ordeal. We also see, as a curiosity, how the death of the Night King was managed, hanging Arya with a harness and repeating time and again until the exhaustion. And speaking of the great villain of the series … game of thrones.

3..The great revelation: Vladimir Furdik

Who was going to tell us that the actor who plays the King of the Night would be the funniest character in this documentary? Furdik is not only the man who hides behind the mask of the dreaded leader of the dead, but also the one who elaborates the choreography in the fight scenes, as, for example, the one that is given this season between the Clegane brothers. Although he has won the race as a double action, the Czechoslovak was chosen to play the King of the Night, and it was an offer he could not refuse.

Now, its function in the shooting has been hard. “I do not know which group I belong to, whether it’s the actors ‘or the doubles’ group, that now they mess with me and they tell me:” You are the King of the Night, you do not have to do anything “. Sometimes I think they are right, “he says from the set, where he is tired of waiting, running to do something very short and wait again.

  “It’s not easy to be an actor, I prefer to be double,” she says, although when she puts on her makeup, she feels like she’s going to the dark side. Feel the power, and even ventures to understand the motivations of his stoic character. “I think he does not want to be king.

The children of the forest changed it and now it says: Do you want it to be? Okay, now I’m killing you, “he says bluntly, all his statements, along with that strong Eastern European accent, make him a character that does not seem to fit the documentary at all, as if it were a comic note taken from ‘Lo what we do in the shadows. ‘

4..The extras live it almost more than the actors

The main theme of the documentary is Andrew McClay, a Northern Irishman who has lived the entire series as an extra, either as a soldier in Stannis Baratheon’s army or defending Winterfell in the battle against the dead. The last five years of his life have been linked to the history of Westeros, and it seems that at this point it is hard to imagine a life without her.

He declares himself faithful to the Stark House and affirms: “The Lannister House has spent seven seasons fucking my life.” And take a sword to fight, he says, to avenge the events of the Red Wedding. Undoubtedly, there was passion among the extras in the series, and some have even become tour guides on many of the tours that are done in Northern Ireland.

5..They used decoys in Spain

He has a small appearance in the documentary, through the location of Seville, Itálica, where the final meeting of the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms takes place. It is the same place where Cersei Lannister agreed to meet Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, who brought him a zombie to show him that the threat from the North was real. It has become an emblematic place for the latest events in the series, and the film has left us some curious details. game of thrones.

6..Northern Ireland is the home of ‘Game of Thrones’

80% of the scenes in the series have been shot in Northern Ireland, proudly displaying its close relationship with the story created by George R. R. Martin. This is demonstrated by the numerous tours and tourist routes that have been specially created to tour the locations of the series, from the cliffs of Rocadragón to the Islas del Hierro.

To stroll through the forest of Tollymore is to feel within the territories beyond the Wall, while the domains of Castle Ward were the stage for the Winterfell of the first season, as well as for the castle of Walder Frey or the war camp of Robb Stark
With this documentary, HBO makes clear its unpayable debt to the country, with its dreamy landscapes and the people who have put their two cents as part of the team.

7..The importance of each team member

Says David Nutter, director of some of the most iconic episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ – from the Red Wedding to the appointment of Brienne de Tarth as Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – that, after all, “what you remember It is the way”.

  And this documentary is a tribute to that same phrase. It is a vindication of the importance of each of the hands that help create a TV product of this level, from the sandwiches in the ‘food truck’ to the photocopies of the storyboards of the scenes. game of thrones.

Each and every one of them has a space in the two hours of the film, which leaves for a moment the most famous faces to focus on those who are always out of focus. It is not a bad message to end what has been the most successful series of the last decade.

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