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i am mother
i am mother

Could a robot educate a child and replace the love and care of a mother? Dark questions as these are posed Netflix science fiction film “i am mother”, whose protagonist, Hilary Swank, was not very optimistic about the possibility of such a future.

“We are not going to gut any of this story, but the idea (in the film) of what has been happening with the robots to make the human being perfect is quite intense.

And also the idea of does a robot have the ability to learn empathy over time?, “Reflected the actress, who admitted not being a fan of science fiction but said that this script quickly caught her.


The double winner of the Oscar for “Boys Don`t Cry” (1999) and “Million Dollar Baby” (2004) heads alongside the young Danish Clara Rugaard the cast of “I Am Mother”, a tape that arrives at Netflix this Friday under the address of the Australian Grant Sputore.

In a post-apocalyptic universe in which humanity has been practically extinct, focuses on a bunker in which Mother (mother), a robot with extraordinary artificial intelligence, has the mission of repopulating the planet and for that he educates alone Daughter (daughter, in English, and who plays Rugaard), the only person living in that facility.

But despite the fact that the relationship between Mother and Daughter is, over the distances, typical of a normal family, things change dramatically when a woman (Swank) appears asking for help from the outside world.

With an all-female cast (Mother’s voice is that of actress Rose Byrne), “I Am Mother” drinks dystopias about motherhood as “Children of Men” (2006) or the series “The Handmaid`s Tale” and he also follows in the footsteps of the murky artificial intelligence predictions of “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) or the trilogy of “The Matrix”.

Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and with a minimalist production design, “I Am Mother” seduced Swank (Lincoln, USA, 1974) both for her character, “a survivor”, and for her questions about the impact of technology.

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