jessica jones
jessica jones


Jessica Jones will be in charge of closing the Marvel Netflix binomial. After his excompañeros fallen in combat. What do we expect from the superhero detective?

We know that last season was not to the liking of the majority. The second installment faced the handicap of an outstanding villain at its premiere … And in that section, Jessica suspended. But … He made media with many others; especially with an impeccable development of characters.

Well, if you expect to find a first or second season again, run away. However, if yours is to see the characters grow, become great, live with them their introspective, stay. I dare say without a doubt that we are facing the most ambitious Marvel Netflix season. And it is well that the Spanish proverbs are good for us: “for what I have left in the convent …”

jessica jones

And Jessica is allowed to be more human than ever, the setbacks of life, the superhero-put in the position of not feeling immortal. She will only be a victim if she allows herself to do so, and sometimes her strength falters.

  On the other side of the coin, an empowered Trish Walker, strong, brave … But also reckless. A dark background Trish that combines with a Malcom lost in its cause.

In this season of Jessica Jones we will come across a more choral series. The secondary ones, all of them of height, fit like a precise jenga, and at the same time unstable; If one fails, they all fall.

As for the villain we see a simile of Kilgrave, smarter, but also more standard. Miss that extravagant point, letting glimpse more of a thriller psychopath than an enemy at the height of the team that poses as a rival.

Yes, again Netflix has taken care of the connections with their own universe and the easter eggs will delight the brightest -marvelous reference to the outfit of Gata Infernal, and nostalgic mention already veiled or direct to the rest of Defensores-.

The negative point, as always, the 13 chapters. Perhaps a cut in length would have suited the researcher.

In conclusion, Jessica Jones closes Alias in style. And is that, we do not want to see our heroes grow, fall and get up? Does not some realism bring scratching the surface to realize that a human being resides beneath the meshes? If we look back, do you see changes in what you were yesterday? And Jessica Jones was always the most human.

  The one who evaded worldly vices, and tried to escape to a fate he had not chosen … But he always found the strength to make up for it.

jessica jones

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