What is ‘Wu Assassins’, Netflix’s new martial arts and fantasy series..netflix serie

netflix serie
netflix serie

Netflix’s martial arts series offer will gain a little more on August 8 with the premiere of Wu Assasins. The production, starring the action star Iko Uwais (The Raid), points directly to the hearts of the most genre fans with a history of warrior monks, ancient powers and Chinese mafias..netflix serie.

What’s up?
Since time immemorial, the warlords of the Wu have ravaged the planet using powers known as the Wu Xing. To stop them, 1,000 monks sacrificed their lives to channel their strength to an elect who could stop them.

That chosen one is Kai (played by Uwais), a young chef from San Francisco who acquires the power of the monks and manifests a mystical spirit through him as in a kind of FaceApp….

The paths of the warlords of the Wu also converge in the American city. The mere presence of Kai there will be a threat to one of them, who is the head of the Chinatown mafia and also his father.

That is the premise, not very original but effective, for what Netflix describes as “a feast of martial arts, science fiction and oriental street food.”

Wu Assasins will consist of ten episodes of an hour that, as we have seen in the trailer, will deepen the most fantastic side of martial arts.

With an obvious taste for pure exploitation, it seems that the series will delight the worshipers of the fighting film dressing traditional fights with some other supernatural element.

The little Indonesian dragon
Iko Uwais, protagonist and great claim of the series, is an Indonesian actor who achieved notoriety for starring in the two installments of the The Raid film franchise, with very good reviews as a genre film.

The interpreter, who also designs choreographies of fight scenes (something that, sadly, seems not to do in Wu Assassins), already accumulates eight years of career. To the 11 films in which he has participated (including Star Wars: The Force Awakens), the Netflix series is now added as his first work on the small screen.

The series also features Katheryn Winnick (Vikings), Byron Mann (The Expanse) or Tzi Ma, a veteran present in Veep and devoted to a superb and very brief role in the film The Arrival. At the controls are John Wirth (V) and Tom Krantz (Dracula).

The series also features a spectacular cast formed by the star of ‘The Raid’, Iko Uwais, Byron Mann, Mark Dacascos or the veteran Tzi Ma among many others.

netflix serie

‘Wu Assassins’ will consist of ten hour-long episodes directed by action and fantasy veterans like Toa Fraser, Michael Nankin or Stephen Fung. Its air of old-school neighborhood movie film makes the series one of the most appetizing and refreshing dishes in the face of the horrible heat of August that awaits us.

And it was not without waiting if the production and direction had imminences like Chad Oakes, responsible for The Fargo and the Hell on Wheels series, and Stephen Fung, historical director of fighting films in Hong Kong…netflix serie.

Although it is a series that captivates the attention due to all the action that the protagonist gives us, the supernatural factor – and above all its audiovisual effects – does not achieve a climax that catches in this vein of history.

A single “but” within how captivating the plot is.

Bypassing that detail, the look and feel achieved in Wu Assassins evokes the martial arts productions of yesteryear, those of the old school.

Special mention to Iko Uwais, who is also a producer of the series and choreographer of all those fighting scenes that we love so much.

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