‘Orange is the New Black’, seventh season: an unforgettable end to a unique series

orange is the new black
orange is the new black

With the end of Orange is the new Black, not only is the closing of one of the most outstanding series of the Netflix platform, but a unique title that for seven seasons kept us on the edge of emotions, both the most pleasant and The darkest Its creator, Jenji Kohan, achieved a dignified end, at the height of her characters and her audience. Here we talk about it without spoilers.

The universe of Orange is the New Black became so vast that even the summary of all previous seasons takes several minutes. The endearing – and not so – women in Litchfield Prison have been through a lot, we have seen them in their best and worst stages, in their childhood, in their adolescence, in their adulthood, and in those moments in which life It changed them forever and they were imprisoned.

The format of the first season was composed of the stories of the past of the women that the protagonist, Piper Chapman (Taylo Schilling), was knowing in his stay in prison. However, the show, as we know, was renewed season by season and with it the complexity of the plot.

Although there are seasons that feel much more successful than others, the truth is that the closure explores very deep issues, exposes the many challenges of each character and shows us that life can not be defined as good or bad, but that, if we had what to do, we would say that rather it tends to be a black hole with very little hope for all those without privileges, which, of course, are the most.

Recall that in the sixth season the drama was claimed after a fairly regular fifth season. The good news is that the seventh and final installment follows that path and closes, as we said, worthy – although often painful – to the characters we first met in that distant year of 2013, where Netflix’s original productions They were just beginning to conquer the public.

Orange is the New Black says goodbye with a season of 13 episodes of an average duration of 55 minutes, although the final is around 85. In the previous installment our protagonist, Piper, was released in advance, especially for the special event that It would affect the lives of the show’s best-known inmates: the Litchfield strike. Once outside, Piper, like all the girls we’ve seen released, has to fight against the tide in the “outside” life, and that intangible monster called society – and that other called family.

Which life is simpler: inside or outside the prison? The answer is not obvious, even if it seems so. At least this is demonstrated by OITNB, both this season and with the previous ones.

What is a prison, why social reintegration programs are a failure, who protects women, what is mental health, what value do people have? These and many other issues the show raises during the episodes of this latest installment.

orange is the new black

Again and again it returns us to impotence in all its presentations, the one that feels to be part of a “minority”, the one that feels before the abuses of power in its diverse manifestations: from man to woman – the most brutal – , from woman to woman – the most indolent – of the system towards people – the most unbeatable.

Every time the show says goodbye to a character, a situation, it seems to tell us: “Hope does not exist”, and it is very likely that it is only an escape from the mind to make existence tolerable. The depth with which the themes are explored this season will leave us with a lump in the throat, with great losses for the characters, yes, some gains, but without rejoicing completely, well, life is like that.

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