Game of thrones: The true and bloody story of “The Red Wedding”

red wedding
red wedding

Game of Thrones: the true story of the “red wedding” | There are a few days until the release of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones.

The most successful series of recent times is full of details, characters and events that have put in suspense the millions of followers around the world and one of them is bloody “Red Wedding”, an event that takes place in the chapters end of the third session.

This fact was carried out in the ninth chapter of the third installment of the story inspired by the book “Storm of swords” of the saga “Song, ice and fire” by George R.R. Martin.

This episode entitled “The Rains of Castamere” focuses on the events that occur at the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey. This party ends in a massacre during the war of the five kings. It is arranged by Lord Frey as revenge against Robb Stark for breaking the marriage agreement that had this to unite the houses Stark and the house Frey.

In the spectacular scene die Robb, his wife Talisa who was pregnant, Lady Catelyn, and most of the Stark men. The masterminds behind the massacre were actually Tywin Lannister who conspired with Frey and Lord Roose Bolton to betray the northerners.

This is the story that was told through the HBO screens, but according to the book “Storm of swords” some of the actions described are totally different, but there is also a much more rugged story after the Stark murder at the hands of the Freys and we’re talking about the appearance of Lady Stoneheart, who is she? We will tell you.

“The Red Wedding” in the book “Storm of swords”
In the book by George R.R. Martin, the wedding was taking place normally, nobody noticed anything strange until Lady Catelyn noticed that the musicians began to play “Castamare’s rains” and an anxiety took hold of her.

  Lady Tully watches in horror as they attack her son and she realizes she has to intervene to try to save him, so Catelyn grabs Rattlesnake and puts the dagger in his throat, threatening Lord Walder that of losing his son, he will lose his, son by son. However, the old man replies, “This is a grandson … and it has never been of much use.”

Meanwhile, a man in dark armor and a pale pink cloak with spots of blood approaches Robb, whispering to him “Jaime Lannister sends his greetings”. After these words, he plunges the sword into his heart, and twists it. Catelyn keeps her promise and slaughters Cascabel.

She goes crazy with pain, remembering her thoughts about her husband. Listen that someone says: “He has lost his mind”, and someone else says later: “Get rid of her”. After these words, Catelyn realizes that they grab her from behind, feeling the cold bite of steel in her throat.

After the death of Catelyn, her body was thrown into the river and, three days later, it was found by Nymeria, the wolf of Arya, who took her out of the cold water. Not long after, the Brotherhood without Banners found the corpse. Harwin, the old horsemaster at Winterfell, asks Thoros to revive her, but he says she has been dead too long.

red wedding

The woman is resurrected by Beric Dondarrion, who gives his life for her through the last kiss of R’hllor. Thus, the unnatural life of Beric finally ends, but this was not counted in the history of HBO, but, this personage we see it arrive until the seventh season and now it will be present in the eighth and last installment of Game of Thrones.

In the book “Storm of the Sword,” they describe how Catelyn’s mutilated body emerges as a vengeful undead person. She calls herself Lady Stoneheart, and assumes the leadership of the Brotherhood.

Death has also changed to Lady Tully. She is less gentle and is consumed by the desire for revenge of anyone who believes that he betrayed her and her son, Robb. The woman begins to hunt mercilessly and hang anyone who considers a collaborator of Lannister, Frey or Bolton.

His appearance has also been altered, with his soft flesh and the color of curdled milk because his body was submerged in the river water for days. Half of her hair falls and the rest is white and brittle. In addition, his wounds have not healed, his face covered with scratches and his throat still open is that he begins to walk the world in search of revenge.

On the other hand, George R.R. Matin explained that he made Lady Stoneheart show that war can completely change a person.

Like many other characters and stories, Lady Stoneheart has been eliminated from the adaptation of the television series that will premiere on April 14 and will tell the outcome of Game of Throne and who will stay on the iron throne.

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