“Secret Obsession”: what does the end of the new Netflix movie mean?

secret obsession
secret obsession

What does the end of Secret Obsession mean? | Netflix | What happened at the end of “Secret Obsession” and what does it mean? Brenda Song returns to the big screen with a thriller drama alongside Mike Vogel. The Disney actress in this case will find herself trapped in a complicated situation with her husband, since after an accident she doesn’t remember anything about her past.

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This film by director Peter Sullivan premiered on July 18, demonstrating the toxic ideas of masculinity and how the story full of uncontrollable desires can become a person’s worst nightmare.

When Jennifer, the young wife played by Brenda Song, wakes up in a hospital after the attack of a stranger without memory of the accident, she is released into the care of her beloved husband Ryan. At first everything looks good, but little by little things start to not make much sense.

She discovers that Ryan has actually been attacking her all this time. Driven by sickly jealousy, he murders her husband and family to be able to capture her and eventually kill her if she could not keep her captive. If it wasn’t for Detective Page, Ryan would have done his job.

In the final scenes of “Secret Obsession”, Ryan has Jennifer moored in his room while going through some concrete to cover the bodies he had buried in his yard. She then discovers that it was he who killed her husband and her parents to replace them and be the only one in her life.

While she distracts him by playing with his ego, Detective Frank Page manages to discover the country house where Ryan holds Jennifer captive, following the clues to the door of each one. However, Page is left unconscious by Ryan, locking him in the garage refrigerator.

Then, she realizes that she has to escape by herself, so she manages to lock Ryan in the room and escape to the trees in the nearby forest. Both then star in a chase until the detective finds them.

With Ryan’s gun in his hand, they both begin to struggle on the ground until Jennifer manages to take the gun. He rushes for her, but receives two shots that end the chase once and for all.

The epilogue shows how she and the detective have moved on with their lives, helping each other for the intense moment of losing their loved ones in unfair circumstances. But … what really happened with Ryan’s plan?

When he discovers the whole problem with Ryan and what he did to get Jennifer’s attention, sooner rather than later the audience realizes that his plan was not for her to have amnesia and thus edit the photos of her past so that she thinks she is married him.

secret obsession

He was so obsessed that he didn’t mind killing all of his surroundings in order to fulfill his mission. Most likely, her original plan was to keep her locked in her house and torture her mentally until she wants to, or kill her after trying.

The key to everything “Secret Obsession” is in the night that Jenniffer was chased by Ryan. She managed to escape from him but was hit by a stranger who casually saved her life by leaving her unconscious. The end of the movie is actually the beginning of Ryan’s original plan, only he never expected Detective Page to get in his way.

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