The record that beat the third season of “stranger things 3” on Netflix

stranger things 3
stranger things 3

The third season of the famous series Stranger Things could not have stepped stronger in his return to Netflix, the platform that distributes it. The third installment has broken all the records of the service in “streaming”. stranger things 3..

More than 40 million households watched the show in its first four days of broadcast and more than 18 million have already finished all eight episodes, according to Netflix, which has recently started sharing viewing data.

In January of last year, the film Bird Box reached the number one position Netflix with more than eight million people who watched the horror and suspense film starring Sandra Bullock in a period of four weeks.

Umbrella Academy, a series about a dysfunctional superhero family, was seen by 45 million viewers within its first month, the most a Netflix series won in the first quarter of 2019.

Now, Stranger Things 3 has achieved that figure in almost a tenth of the time.

stranger things 3

The numbers correspond to the number of households that have seen the series, which is different from the total number of people who have actually seen it.

Netflix says it counts a visualization when someone has watched at least 70% of an episode or movie.

Stranger Things, which follows a group of children from a fictitious Indiana of the 80s where many supernatural events happen, has been one of the most critically acclaimed Netflix original series since its launch in 2016.

He has helped launch the careers of Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard, as well as presenting Winona Ryder to another audience.

With their numbers apparently so high and their fans delighted about the end of the third season, it would not be surprising that we can still expect much more from the city of Hawkins.

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