“The hidden world of Sabrina” 2: what happened in the end and what does it mean for Part 3?

the hidden world of sabrina
the hidden world of sabrina

Sabrina’s Hidden World, season 2: what happened at the end of Part 2 and what does it mean for season 3? | The second season of “The Hidden World of Sabrina” (“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” in its original language) was released on April 5 on Netflix, revealing a bit more about the mysterious life and origin of the teenage witch.

In this second installment, Sabrina explores the darkest side of the world of magic and discovers her heritage while trying to keep her friendships in the real world. As he also tries to find out if his future meets Nicholas Scratch or Harvey Kinkle, the second season is complicated until he can no longer seem to be distant from the first episodes of the series.

But what has surprised his followers most is the end of the season, which opens the door to the events of the third and subsequent fourth installment, already confirmed by Netflix.

What does the end of “The Hidden World of Sabrina” 2 mean?
The final episode, titled “The Mephisto Waltz” (2×09), leaves Sabrina telling Harvey, Roz and Theo to go down to hell to save Nick, taken to the depths by Miss Wardwell after trapping Lucifer inside his own body , who – oh, surprise – is also Sabrina’s father. All this happens in its last minutes, but we go from the beginning.

Sabrina with her aunts Hilda and Zelda, her cousin Ambrose and Nick try to overcome Miss Wardwell’s attempts to force the teenager to fulfill the prophecy that Armageddon would cause, now that the Dark Lord walks through Greendale in her human form and that The gates of hell, which are located just below the city’s mines, are ready to open and release a series of evils on the face of the Earth. Sabrina is supposed to lead this chaos alongside Lucifer as her queen.

At this point, Hilda reveals that Sabrina is actually the daughter of the Dark Lord, or at least in part. As his true parents, Edward and Diana, asked Lucifer for help because they couldn’t have a son and he answered his call, Sabrina is considered the daughter of the Dark Lord.

The young witch then meets her father, after learning that Miss Wardwell is actually Lucifer’s lover, Lilith, who surprisingly wants to stop her plans. Of flesh and blood, Lucifer tries to convince Sabrina to use Gabriel’s Horn, while Nick confesses that he only approached her because the Dark Lord asked him, but that by that closeness he ended up falling in love with her. Still, Sabrina spits in his face.

Father Blackwood, upon discovering the true origin of Sabrina, decides to poison all the members of the Church of the Night, with the exception of Prudence and his twins, to prevent the Spellmans from taking control of the church.

However, Prudence tells his father that he would kill him for his actions, and then asks for the help of Hilda, Ambrose and Zelda to save the poisoned members of the witch assembly.

the hidden world of sabrina

Meanwhile, Sabrina looks for ways to outwit Lucifer after agreeing to blow Gabriel’s Horn and start the apocalypse. She plans to use the same gadget of her father against the Dark Lord, which she used in season 1 to catch Batty Bat, while Nick reappears with the intention of recovering her.

At one point, Sabrina leads a ‘Masquerade’ presentation of “The Phantom of the Opera” and the crowd sits around her father and his throne. But all this is nothing but a distraction for Sabrina to catch him, only he barely gets it for 5 seconds. The Dark Lord is so powerful that he escapes without problems.

Then, everyone realizes that the only way to lock him up is through Nick, who must confine the Dark Lord’s spirit within him. The sorcerer then tells Sabrina that he loves her and swallows Lucifer before Ambrose submits him to a sleeping spell.

In the end, the group transports Nick’s body to the mines, where Harvey, Roz and Theo, meanwhile, prevented the doors of the inferno from opening. In the last minutes, Lilith returns her powers to Sabrina, to the real Miss Wardwell and takes Nick, but Sabrina, already reunited with her friends, tells them “let’s go to hell to rescue my boyfriend”.

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