‘The Last Kingdom’ already runs its season 4 in Budapest

the last kingdom
the last kingdom

The Netflix series prepares new adventures for Uhtred, although it is still a long time before we can see them. the last kingdom.

Following in the wake of other epic series such as Game of Thrones or Vikings, The Last Kingdom found its place on Netflix after two seasons produced by BBC America.

The platform went from being a co-producer to producing on its own the third installment of the fiction and now has started filming the fourth season.

This has been announced by several cast members of The Last Kingdom in a video shared on Twitter by the official account of the series.

the last kingdom

All of them, from Millie Brady (Aethelflaed) to Emily Cox (Brida), to Magnus Bruun (Cnut), are in Budapest shooting the new adventures, of which we already have official synopsis.

“After Alfred’s death, the alliances between the kingdoms have cracked. Uhtred considers that it is the right moment to challenge his uncle Aelfric, played by Joseph Millson (Casino Royale) and thus recover his ancestral home, Bebbanburg.

However, fate changes in a different direction, leading Uhtred to realize that his path is linked to Alfred’s dream of a united land.

This, and the feelings of Uhtred for Aethelflaed, lead him back to a policy that threatens to explode in the war, “Netflix shared on the plot of the new episodes of The Last Kingdom.

Beyond the doubts about the return of Uhtred to Bebbanburg, it is known that the character of Aethelred (played by Toby Regbo) will gain more prominence, finding a new love interest, Eadith (Stefanie Martini), and a new right hand, Eardwulf (Jamie Blackley)

The bad news is that the release date of season 4 of The Last Kingdom is not scheduled until some point in the year 2020. It’s waiting to return to battle.

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