We’ve seen ‘The perfection’, the Netflix movie on everyone’s lips, and this is what we think

the perfection
the perfection

Richard Shepard directs this film that in a few days has become a viral phenomenon. These are the sensations I experienced when I saw her after spending an hour and a half in front of the screen trying to make sense of what was happening in her. the perfection.

The human being is morbid and curious by nature. That is probably the key to ‘Perfection’, the star movie of Netflix premieres in May, has generated a revolution in social networks. Yes, the digital platform has made Richard Shepard’s tape on everyone’s lips.

A priori, I had not noticed, but I must admit that when this snowball began to form, I felt intrigue and decided to go up like the rest to her and spend an hour and a half of my life to know in more detail the reason why people were crazy about this production.

the perfection

I sat in front of the screen without knowing too much about the story and the first thing I felt was bewilderment. ‘WTF’, my head would say, as I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. the perfection.

I like horror movies and I do not get too upset about the gore scenes (think it’s a lie help), but I can understand that many of the images provoke nausea and leave a bad body to those people whose degree of sensitivity is high.

These extreme sequences are what most stand out those who have seen it. Honestly, they are a savagery, but nothing that we have not seen in the news of each day and are not mentioned so much (and those events are real).

The perfection, a movie that is already viral

What’s ‘the perfection’ about? The story is about two women, played by Allison Williams (Marien in ‘Girls’) and Logan Browning, cellists who share a gift to play this instrument are linked by a traumatic event from the past that works as a trigger for all the madness in which the plot ends. Honestly, I prefer not to go into detail or ‘spoil’ because here it is about watching the movie.

From my point of view, it is not a masterpiece, nor does it seem to me that it has an overly original script, but it achieves its objective and that is to speak of it. For Netflix has been a puntazo and a risky bet, since it moves away from the romantic comedies and more ‘soft’ movies that we are accustomed to consume on the platform.

So if you want to have a relaxed and enjoyable time, this production is not for you. However, as I said, the human being is morbid and curious by nature … Can you avoid seeing it and not join this viral phenomenon? If you want to warm up, there goes the trailer.

the perfection

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